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El Diablo 
								Art and Artists

One of the things remarked on most often at El Diablo are our fabulous walls; every surface covered with murals. The most common questions being "How long did it take?" (six weeks, give or take) and "Who did it?" (Zephyr Nelson and Fiona McGuigan). The artists are long time friends of owner Terri Sullivan, who originally had an idea for just a few images; Bettie our devil girl mascot, an Our Lady of the Latte image, and the famous "Love Grotto". Then the girls started painting and just didn't stop. The attention to detail is spectacular, from the flames coming out of the electrical outlets, to our Lucy & Desi restrooms. Indescribable. You'll just have to come in and see it for yourself. To find out more about the artists, or to commission them to paint your own fantastic project, read on.

Zephyr Nelson, self taught eclectic "artiste", grew up in the backwoods of Oregon in a family of collectors and artists. Our mascot BettieThey taught her the value of beauty and how to create an environment that stimulates the senses. Zephyr's artwork gallops all over the pallet. She is a performer at festivals and fairs as a juggler and teaches in the summer. She is a fabric artist, junk artist, and graphic artist. But her new passion is sandblasting on glass. The thing that really excites her about the glassware is that people can enjoy it often, even daily. Zephyr taps into her love of nature, her heritage, and her travels to inspire her hand drawn designs. When Terri Sullivan asked Zephyr to create the glassware and to paint the cafe with Fiona McGuigan, Zephyr leapt at the chance to help her friend achieve a dream. Painting the cafe also sparked a great friendship between Zephyr and Fiona, who had not known each other before they worked on El Diablo, and have since vowed to "...mural together again"! Zephyr lives in Portland with her long time sweetheart and fantastic juggling funny guy, Charlie Brown. You can contact her at: amazama@earthlink.com

Fiona McGuigan was born in beautiful Switzerland to Scottish parents. She studied Art at the de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam and at the School of Visual Concepts in Seattle. Her passion has always been to paint, but not necessarily only on canvas. Before embarking on the murals with Zephyr, she had previously painted on silk, shower walls, plaster pigs, leg casts, mailboxes, windows, and cement board. Her more traditional work has been shown at Whatcom County Museum in Bellingham, Gallery One in Ellensburg, and received an Honorable Mention at the Stage Gallery in New York. She has done commissioned artwork for The Flying Karamazov Brothers, Puget Sound Alliance, Raptor Ridge Winery, Concerts for Cause, and the Queen Anne Merchants Association. New to the Latin American culture and American idols like Lucy & Desi, Fiona was glad to rely on Zephyr's experience and expertise. Luckily, some imagery is cross-cultural. El Diablo's mascot Bettie is sexy no matter what language you speak. Thrilled how their styles complemented each other, the chicas are planning more collaborations. Unable to kick her addiction to the great Cuban style coffee, Fiona can be seen hanging out at El often, especially as she thinks the singer of the Devils of Swing is awfully cute. You can reach her at: fiona@fmcguigan.com