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Our Fabulous Baristas
Barista Jaime


Terri- Terri is the instigator of El Diablo. The idea for it came to her one night in a dream. After a quick deal with the devil (and several credit card companies), El Diablo became reality. Besides running a business, she is also a gymnastics coach and does trapeze, vertical rope, and acrobatics in her secret life as a circus girl.




Jenny- Jenny's first words were "Coffee and sugar NOW, Momma!".  As El Diablo's manager she cracks the whip and fans the flames to create good coffee and good times. Jenny escaped Utah at a young age and headed west to find her people. A tragic accident ended her lucrative foot modeling career, so she turned to the coffee business. She sees ruling El Diablo as the first step in her detailed 27 step plan to rule the world. Proceed with caution around her; she's already at #21.




Warren- was born under a bridge in Texas (which explains a lot). He hopes to save his tips in order to attend art school. Clearly he is artistically gifted, as you will agree if you've ever seen him draw a devil in your drink. He enjoys coffee, adventures, soccer, snuggling and taking pictures of his long suffering dog, Dante.




Maia - Maia works at the cafe for two main reasons; to feed her crippling addiction to all things Cuban, & to help pay her way to a completely useless liberal arts degree. Maia frequently exhibits some unusual behavior including but not limited to: singing, dancing, and general having of fun. This she explains is caused by her odd enjoyment of making mango salsa... Maia hopes she never has to leave the warm embrace of El Diablo Coffee Co.




Mindy -
There once was a barista named Mindy
who, while making coffee sinned. She
drank it all up
and left none in the cup
then went out and danced the Lindy.




Those sexy baristas...