Thoughtfully crafted Cuban-themed coffee and espresso drinks, pastries, and dishes, atop Queen Anne hill.


El Diablo Coffee Co. has been a fixture in the Queen Anne neighborhood for 15+ years, providing a gathering place for locals and more.

We've partnered with Tony's Coffee out of Bellingham, Washington, to serve El Diablo Coffee Co. customers unique, artisan coffee roasts, including carefully composed blends and single-origin offerings. 

And our menu reflects this same dedication. We maintain a full-course menu, ripe with seasonality, including sandwiches, salads, and espresso drinks highlighting Cuban flavors and fixtures, from our famous Mexican Chocolate Mocha to our buttery Cuban Sandwich.




(206) 285-0693





1811 Queen Anne Ave N #101
Seattle, WA 98109



M-F 5:30a–8p

Sa 6:30a–8p

Su 6:30a–6p


the el diablo coffee co. seasonal showcase

Diablo cold brew
Cold brewed El Diablo Coffee Co. coffee prepared over night and served over ice

House crafted lemonade prepared the classic way – with a delightful dose of sugar, over ice

Iced tea
Our three most popular teas, iced, and served over ice