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An original queen anne coffee shop

cuban-inspired coffee & fare, crafted with locally sourced ingredients.



Thoughtfully crafted Cuban-themed coffee and espresso drinks, pastries, and dishes, atop Queen Anne hill.


El Diablo Coffee Co. has been a fixture in the Queen Anne neighborhood for 15+ years, providing a gathering place for locals and more.

We've partnered with Tony's Coffee out of Bellingham, Washington, to serve El Diablo Coffee's customers unique, artisan coffee roasts, including carefully composed blends and single-origin offerings. 

And our menu reflects this same dedication. We maintain a full-course menu, ripe with seasonality, including sandwiches, snacks, and espresso drinks highlighting Cuban flavors and fixtures, from our famous Mexican Chocolate Mocha to our traditional Cuban Sandwich.




(206) 285-0693






1825 Queen Anne Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109



M-Su 6a–6p

Happy Hour Daily 3p-6p


the el diablo coffee co. DAILY HAPPY HOUR

3 - 6pm


$1 off beer

$2 off wine


empanadas $5

chips and pico de gallo $3

chips and guacamole $5

fried plantain chips $3

steak quesadilla $6

Autumn menu specials

Tahini Hot Chocolate
Theo cocoa paired with sesame puree and steamed milk

Butter Beer
Charming butterscotch rum elixir, prepared as a latte, a soda, or a steamer

Pumpkin Spice Latte
Real pumpkin puree and autumnal spices with espresso in steamed milk

Golden Milk
Turmeric, ginger, and warming spices in rice milk

Washington apple cider and house-made chai, steamed with a cinnamon stick


Our space, your space.

El Diablo Coffee Co. welcomes hosting your next event. From baby showers to weddings, the El Diablo Coffee Co. upstairs can accommodate parties up to 100; with a fireplace, functional bar, and covered outdoor deck to compliment your upcoming experience. With natural cascading light and organic textures and treatments throughout, the space is designed to reflect your aesthetic.

Please complete the form below, noting event rentals begin at 6pm each evening. We'll contact you within 48 hours.

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Date of event
Date of event

The company pillars supporting El Diablo Coffee Co.

People first

What: Always follow the golden rule. Model and support others in their goals to be better and do better as we endeavor to do so ourselves by being humble, open, and honest. Create a safe place where people feel like they belong regardless of gender, race, origin or orientation.

Why: Our cafes exist to create community, and community is created around people.

How:  Have empathy and respect in everything we do. Support the neighborhood and community. Provide employees with support, fair pay, growth opportunities and ownership. Be honest with our mistakes and learn from them. “If you don’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” -RuPaul

Continual quality improvement

What: Deliver a quality product that is handmade when possible, responsibly sourced, and always improving.

Why: When we are proud of the products we serve, our customers notice.

How: Create ownership among staff to take pride in their work. Find new products, or new ways to prepare existing products, to improve our menu.

Environmental sensitivity

What: Be responsible with resources by managing them well, and reduce waste wherever possible.

Why: Being a responsible member of the community means paying attention to the well-being of our environment.

How: Reduce the number of consumables in the cafe through encouraging reusable cups, switching to compostable, and reducing the power and water use in the store.


What: Create a fun working environment for staff that encourages self-expression and engages customers.

Why: A positive work environment increases employee happiness, engages customers, reduces employee turnover, and increases productivity.

How: Hire positive people. Find methods for improving work life. Always be positive in front of customers while maintaining authenticity.

Business management and leadership

What: Create and manage a business model that both furthers our values and makes a profit. Lead by example and provide a culture of support.

Why: A successful business allows us to achieve the rest of our pillars.

How: Be profitable. Have resources available for employees. Maintain a stable workforce. “Run the numbers.” Keep on top of a changing market. Work collaboratively with staff (on all levels) to make decisions to create an open space where opinions, thoughts, and ideas are valued. Lead by example.