El Diablo Coffee Company – Queen Anne’s Local Cafe


Welcome to El Diablo Coffee Company! Our mission is to provide a community gathering place

for all kinds of people to enjoy food and drink together. At our café, you will find locally-roasted

specialty coffee, delicious breakfast and lunch foods made in-house, friendly staff…along with

all of your neighbors! We offer café fare along with our specialty Cuban food and drink menu,

beer and wine, free Wi-Fi, two outdoor patios, newspapers, games and a kid’s play area. Come

and see us soon!


Discounts for Regulars:

El Diablo loves its regular customers! We offer a daily special of 30% off of 10 pre-paid espresso drinks. Buy 10 of any one drink in advance (such as a double tall latte) and only pay for 7! Also, anyone can enjoy our $1 self-serve drip coffee honor bar every day!



Our Coffee

Recognizing Seattle is the coffee capitol of the US, we hold up our fair city’s reputation by

serving thoughtfully roasted coffee from Tony’s Coffee & Tea. In business in the northwest

since 1971, Tony’s works with farmers around the globe to provide in-season, fresh and

delicious coffee. In addition to espresso based drinks, we offer several hand-poured coffees at

our Slow Bar, open after 10 a.m. weekdays and after 1 p.m. on weekends. We also feature a

special blend roasted especially for Cubanos and other Cuban coffee drinks. See more about our

drink offerings here.

Our Food

We offer a broad café menu along with our specialty Cuban menu, sure to keep you satisfied

with most everything made in our on-site kitchen. In the morning, you’ll find breakfast

sandwiches and burritos, muffins, scones, croissants, bagels, coffee cake and breads. For lunch,

we feature quiches, made-to-order deli sandwiches and soups. For Cuban fare, you’ll find moros

and christianos (black beans and rice), Cuban sandwiches and desserts. All day goodies like

cookies, pies, alfajores and other sweet treats are always available (including our famous

Coconut Bread!). Gluten-free and vegan foods available! See more about our food offerings here.